Monday, September 20, 2004

When Intuition Strikes, Listen

I am not sure if it is always a good thing to listen to every single intuition that I should have. Sometimes, having my intuition right all the time can be scary to myself and others.

Anyway, sometimes, it pays to listen when one intuition's strikes. I was helping to proof-read an article written by a friend yesterday, and my five senses told me that there shouldn't be any glaring mistake or typo-error after my final round of proof-read.

Guess what? Early this morning, I woke up, and my intuition just urges me to turn on my personal computer, check the softcopy of my friend's article (she had saved it in my P.C. yesterday), and look at one particular section. It bothered me enough for me to listen to it and to take it seriously. (For your information, nowadays, I don't usually turn on my P.C. first thing in the morning. So to do something I won't usually do, I reasoned that the urge has to be reasonably forceful enough.)

And yes, my intuition was right! I spotted one major typo-error when I reread that particular section. It has puzzled me how my intuition could have given me such a good signal. I have had no prior clue that a typo-error had existed in that section, I just felt I had to check it anyway.

With the knowledge of the typo-error in hand, I informed my friend via page and email. Thank goodness it wasn't too late to inform my friend about the typo-error. She had yet to submit the article, phew!

What amazing things intuition could do for one. So perhaps the next time if you have a strong signal from your intuition, at least please take some moment to listen to it before deciding to ignore it. It might do you some good?

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