Friday, September 24, 2004

It's morning. Something seems missing.

It's morning time, and I am able to afford the time to type this message at this time of the day because I have taken time-off from work this morning.

Strangely, I feel something seems missing. Today's morning seems to be lacking in something. I remembered in the past, I could hear the chirpings of blue before 8 a.m., but I can't seem to hear them. I miss the morning breeze that makes it worthwhile for me to wake up by 7 a.m. I did, today, but there doesn't seem to be a breeze.

Perhaps these few days the weather hasn't been as fine as it used to be. I am now looking out of the windows, and I could see that the air is pretty 'hazy' looking. It is definitely not a fine clear day, I would suppose.

What else could I do, but to be hopeful that the weather would get better, and that I could see a lovely blue sky when I look out of the window the next morning. Anyway, good morning.

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