Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Yesterday Once More

This is one of the songs sung by the Carpenters. How nostalgic the song feels. The good old memories start to play back when one listens to the song, and yet there's an element of melancholy, that melts one's heart.

Karen Carpenter sang the song so lovely, and I love Richard Carpenter's arrangement. My CD player is playing a compilation album of some of the Carpenters' greatest hits.

I guess I am feeling a little melancholic at this moment, such that I could relate to some of parts of the lyrics found in their songs such: Rainy Days and Mondays, I won't last a day without You. And somehow, I love the arrangement written for Goodbye to Love, it's so beautifully melancholic. I love the long guitar-and-vocals fade at the end of this song, I can't stop myself from harmonizing with it everytime I hear it. Just right for me who has the craving for melancholic tunes at this very moment.

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