Sunday, July 30, 2006

An acquired taste for solitude

It seems to be a good idea to spend the afternoon at the library. The library is generally a peaceful place to be at. I was there browsing an article this afternoon.

If I remember correctly, there was this idea that states that human beings have learnt from primitive times that in order to survive, one can never live alone for too long. Imagine the times when predators roam the Earth, and a human being would be so vulnerable to being attacked if he was alone. If that was the case, could we infer that if human beings were to feel lonely, the feeling could have been triggered by our primitive instinct for survival?

Then perhaps, when one is able to enjoy time alone, it was due to an acquired taste for solitude?

Some activities are better spent alone. For example, if I were to be working on my music assignments, I tend to find it easier if I could be given time alone to work on it. Otherwise, I may get distracted.

Solitude can sometimes be recharging. I don't know why, but the world seems to be getting noiser. My way to respond is to withdraw away from the noises. Solitude seems the most appropriate friend to befriend.

My friends, if I were to see you on the streets and I don't seem to greet you actively, it is likely because I need some moments of quietness and that I fear that unintentionally, my need for solitude might be intruded upon. If you would like to walk beside me, then, please be my quiet company. I will reciprocate with gratitude.


mistipurple said...

i need quiet too. i have a deceiving exterior.

Jason Heath said...

I completely agree! I love my alone time, and I start to go nuts without it.