Monday, July 17, 2006

Humidity matters

This afternoon, I have the pleasure to rehearse Marcello's Sonata in g minor and the Ridout's Concerto for Double Bass and strings with Em, and MJ (the tutor) was around.

Things seem to work quite well between the accompanist and myself. We managed to work through some of the more tricky parts. It felt safe to play with Em because at some moments when I had missed a quarter of a beat, I could sense that she was listening out for me, to come in together.

Now, my mission is to familiarise myself with the playing of the running notes in the second movement of the Marcello's sonata. Hopefully I can play that passage confidently from memory soon. Next task is to count diligently for the last few passages of the Ridout's Concerto. I have found myself missing more than a beat at times! Only to realise after I have played the notes. Ok. Practice. More practice. 28 July 2006 is the exams day! I still have to continue work on sight-reading, scales and aural.

This post is titled Humidity Matters for a reason. Towards the end of the lesson, MJ gave an advice that it would be good for me to practise in an air conditioned room because the room that I was playing in was too humid. (The digital hygro thermometer's readings are now: 28.9 degrees Celsius, and 84% humidity.) His theory is that with such humid environment, it would take extra effort to move the hand up and down the fingerboard. (because there is more resistance, and more sweat?) Anyway, exams will be held in an air-conditioned room. (?)

This evening, I was at a music shop and so I took the chance to ask about humidity issues. The person at the shop showed me to what I remembered was a dehumidifier (it is not-for-sale), and advised me that the ideal humidity level to store musical instruments (strings instruments at least) is between 38% to 44%. Now, it seems that my home is very humid in comparison to the ideal humidity level. I live in a tropical country with humid and hot climate.

Now, my mind seems to have a preoccupation with humidity. At least for this evening.

It has indeed been a very humid day today.


mistipurple said...

good thing Emily plays with you at the orchestra. so i think you both 'hear' each other well. i am very glad for that.
humidity is tricky for many instruments. i hope you get that solved soon.

Simple American said...

Humidity is a pain over here too. This time of year we have high temps and 90%+ humnidity. I step outside and feel like I got hit by a wet towel some days.

Practice well PY. :)

oceanskies79 said...

Misti: I miss you!
I don't really know if I should do something about it. It is fairly dry at 40% humidity.

Emily is good. This evening, I found myself recalling the playing of the piano parts whenever I thought of the Ridout concerto.

SA: Thanks SA. It is always great to have you around.