Friday, July 21, 2006

How to buy time?

Question of the day: How to buy time?

Yet time is a commodity that may not be easily bought. We can pay extra money to take a taxi instead of other public transport to save the time on the road. I can save time waiting in a taxi queue by calling for a taxi instead. Would the price be worth it at the end of the day?

Are there any other ways to buy time?

There seems so much to be done, yet time is not enough.

I had intended to practise this evening. It is now 11.55 p.m. and I have just got home from work about half-an-hour ago. I have no reason to complain, it was a personal choice to stay in office to work. My price to pay, yet with no regret. I could only try to tell myself that it was the best choice that I could make. It was, given the conditions. It would be difficult to focus on practising anyway if one's mind was elsewhere thinking that there're still things that I want to get done. Anyway, I would rather try to do as much as needed now than next week.

However, I must admit it was not easy at all to shake off that bugging guilt feeling that is telling me that I have missed at least an hour of practice today.

I should learn to gather that in order not to subject myself to circumstances that can take me away from the required practices, I should listen to one of my colleagues and stay away from office next week as much as possible. That way, there is no way to trigger that sense of duty and service. Then, I will have time alone with the double bass, to explore ways to make music that could touch a listener's heart? I could only hope that time will be kind on me to help me catch up on practising for aural, sight-reading, the exams programme and the scales.

Playing on the double bass can bring a lot of joy on a good practice day. Emily can testify to this.

Wish me all the best, please. I needed some help to shoo those butterflies in the stomach away. I shall take this chance to thank Misti for lending me a hand on this. I guess I have to learn to learn to trust that all shall work out. Still, it is practice and more practice. To do so, may time be on my side, please.


mistipurple said...


LOL!!! my tank again appears, to fight your butterflies from your tummy!!!

Simple American said...

Hope your days of practice are joyful and your marks are superior. :)

pinkie said...

there's only tat much time a day... how to buy time? to me, it's sleep less lor... ;)

Jason Heath said...

I really like your blog! I put a link to it in my Blogroll. Nice comments about practicing and managing your time.

oceanskies79 said...

Misti: Thank you for the tank that fights the butterflies. :)

SA: Thank you. :) Your wishes help.

Pinkie: My teacher asks me to practice less a day or two before the exams. Rest is important. I think I shall just try not to do more than my limit allows.

Jason: Welcome. Oh, folks who read this blog may find it too wordy and formal, but if you like it, you are welcome to put a link. Thanks.

Playing the double bass is a hobby for myself, and I have a double bass practical exams coming up. My full-time job is that of a social worker.