Monday, July 31, 2006

Hoping for respite

After days and weeks of practising, my fingers are developing more callus. The callus layers are drying up. I shall remind myself to put on some moisturiser. That may help soften the callus?

Returning from home after working more than 12 hours, I was hoping for some peace. Yet my dad was trying to convince me to go for some match-making tour group. I am not convinced. I have no interest to develop a relationship intentionally at this point in time. Furthermore, I think my dad does not know me well, I hate it when people breathe down my neck, and I tend to resist more.

Furthermore, I can't understand why my parents just can't get themselves hearing aid and have to turn the TV to such a loud volume. I need time to work on my music theory assignments.

12 hours at work, yet it did not seem to have helped to restore some sense of balance. I shall give it a bit more time. How much time can I bear to give?

My life needs some order and respite. Where can I find these?

Now, I don't feel like bothering about anything. I need a rest after I try to work out the answers to a few more of the questions from my music theory assignments. Good night folks.

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mistipurple said...

good nite py.
i know how you hate these moments. :(