Monday, July 03, 2006

Comfort for the feet

For yours truly who finds stress-relief from walking, over-walking may not be uncommon. During the past few weeks, my feet appear to be crying to be heard. They have been aching.

Deciding to be kind on my feet, I decided to get a pair of comfortable footwear to treat the feet. I ended up with a pair of sandals from the shop called Ergolab. The personnel from the shop used an instrument to examine my feet. I was told that my feet were high arched. Then he helped to select a pair of footwear according to my requirements. It felt fairly comfortable.

Let's hope my feet protest less from now.


Simple American said...

I hope the sandals work for you. Very important to wear good shoes. Tell us how it works for you.

mistipurple said...

sounds like an interesting place to get a good pair of shoes. looks nice?

oceanskies79 said...

The shop personnel is fairly attentive to explain the features of the footwear, which is intended to support the feet. :)