Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Reasons to blog

I first started blogging about less than two years when I was too bored at home from a week of medical leave due to wisdom tooth removal surgery.

I did not imagine that I would consistently blog till today. Then again, perhaps blogging has a liberating power on myself. My preference is for introversion. I am not sure if this preference has made it seem easier for me to write about my thoughts and feelings than to verbalise them. Anyway, it was certainly much easier for me to write than to verbalise thoughts and feelings.

Even if I would wish to share my views with others, it just seems not as easy to articulate the views than to pen them down.

Time seems to suggest that blogging has become a medium of expression. A medium that allows others to gain access to some of my inner world. Blogging has also allowed me a chance to process my thoughts.

The supportive nature of my dear blogging community has also seemed to be one of the best reasons for me to continue blogging. Sometimes, unexpectedly, I would get insightful comments in response to my post. One then realises that one need not be alone. The synergy can be empowering at times. Having the power to delete unsolicited comments (not that I delete many) also helps assure me that I can have my own space in this boundless blogsphere. Thanks for the supportive bloggers who have travelled and stopped by here.

So here's a spontaneous piece of writing, in hope to lend ideas to others who are people of few words to consider blogging as a possible medium of their expression. Some songs, while short, will add much value to our life and simply need to be heard (in this case, read).


Simple American said...

I'm glad you blog. Hope you do not stop and want to meet you someday.

car@ said...

I started blogging for myself. Then, thanks to Kracker i've met everyone else. I think writting is therapeutical. Many years of writting PY! and have a good wwek!!! :_)

mistipurple said...

and i bumped into you at the dashboard somehow. read your passing your music exam and thought i should congratulate you. and now, i'm stuck on you! :)

Marc said...

Yeah, even though you don't really see me post comments in your blog, I drop by nearly everyday :)

Anonymous said...

eventhough I don't blog lately, I still read :-)


pinkie said...

u r so right "blogging has also allowed me a chance to process my thoughts".. yeah, I feel the same way too...

oceanskies79 said...

SA: I will look forward to meeting you one day too. Ok, next time when you are in Singapore (and I hope I will be in Singapore), let me know and I shall accompany you to eat the local food.

Cara: Yes, writing is therapeutic. By the way, would there be any chance that you will be visiting Singapore?

Misti: I am glad that you bumped into my dashboard. You are one of my favourite readers of the blog. :)

M: Thanks for your support.Cheering you on too. Hope you would find time to rest and relax, even if this would be only for a short moment. It matters to recharge.

Kunstemaecker: Hi, how have you been? Thanks. *shy face*

Pinkie: Three cheers to blogging.