Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Past midnight post

I shall award myself with a workaholic award for the day. I stayed and worked in office till 11 p.m. and only got home slightly less than an hour ago.

Tomorrow, I shall have double bass lessons again. I experienced some improvements in my playing. Let's hope there will be more improvements with more practices.

Strangely, my left ring and index fingers were taking turns to give a nagging pain today. I have been careful in giving my fingers enough rest. I don't play more than an hour without taking at least a ten-minutes break thereafter. I keep my fingers crossed that the pain is not a sign of Rheumatoid Arthritis or any form of arthritis. Thank goodness that the pain is gone by now.

Meantime, I can afford to stay up till this hour because I need not report to work tomorrow. Good night folks.


mistipurple said...

i think it's more likely your recent increased practising. if it persists, should see a doc, cos the exam's near.

Simple American said...

Of course you get better (and will continue to do so).