Sunday, July 16, 2006

Of choices and paths

I often wonder what lies ahead.

When I was young, there seemed to be an order in which things are to be done. Since I was a student for a large part of my early life, would it be presumptuous for me to say that the education system dictated what lies ahead?

To an ignorant child who is trying to understand the order of this world, won't it be easier to be guided by the paths that predecessors have crossed? As such, it seemed quite natural that after one has completed pre-school, one would proceed to primary education and then secondary education? Even though one gets to choose one's subject combinations in secondary school, what seemed to be difficult choices to make at those times were in fact simpler in comparison.

Yes, in comparison. Choices to make are now much more complex. The element of uncertainty can sometimes be beyond one's wisdom.

There is perhaps no such thing as a predestined path? With choices, there come outcomes. Predictable or not so predictable ones. I sometimes struggle over what to eat for a meal. When faced with more complex, larger choices to choose from, how would one make sense out of the complexities?

Would it help to learn from predecessors?

Would there be an internal compass that guides one on one's unique path? Maybe it is not a compass, but a North Star?


pinkie said...

yeah, seems like there's always a order to everything and sometimes when we do break free from the norms, we are deemed 'weird'?

internal compass? I wish I have.

goldilocks said...

hehheh, that's life, dear. you navigate where you want to go, even though you may not really know where you want to go.

Hilda said...

I spent many years being unhappy because I wasn't fulfilling my destiny. Yet how could I if I didn't even know what it was? More recently I've come to the conclusion that there is no pre-determined path for us. Had there been one for me my life would be completely different from how it is now, yet I am very happy with the way things have turned out. For better or for worse, it IS our choices which dictate our path rather than the other way around. This is scary but also empowering.

But I do agree with you that it's easy to get overwhelmed by all the choices. We need to stop thinking that all our choices are wrong and that some other choice must be right. This brings a lot of unhappiness. Make a choice, forget about the others, and enjoy the outcomes. At worst, your choice will turn out to be wrong and you can use it as a learning experience. Just don't spend all of your 20's dwelling on all these choices, making none, and being miserable in the process like I did.

You are quite wise. Try to trust yourself more.

oceanskies79 said...

Pinkie: It sometimes take a lot of courage to break free from the norms.

JY: Well said. Navigating in life seems a challenge.

Hilda: Thanks for sharing the insight. I would say I am overwhelmed with the choices.

Simple American said...

Learning the Three Rs should be essential. Something we do not focus on in the states like we used to. Now it is more important that everyone feels good than learns.

How can you find a destination that does not end in poverty when you don't recieve an essential education.

After you know the essentials, freedom to try things out would go a lot farther for leading kids into a fulfulling life.