Thursday, July 06, 2006

The solution

Feeling stressed from trying to play the sight-reading pieces, I decided to try to play easier-to-play studies to help me improve my sense of rhythms and sight-reading skills.

Playing studies from B. Gale's Melodic Foundation Studies for the Double Bass seems to have helped me relieve some of the anxieties. This set of studies includes rhythmic studies, melodic studies and technical studies. I am still a way from achieving the standard required for the Grade 8 sight-reading component, but I know that by playing more studies, I will get closer.


Waterfall said...

I play Bach chorales and the easier inventions as sight-reading practice. They are not particularly difficult, but they're enough of a challenge that I know my sight-reading ability is improving. So I think your choice to do simpler pieces for sight reading is a good one!

oceanskies79 said...

Hi Waterfall, thanks for coming by.

I certainly hope it would help. I am still learning to be familiar in sight-reading pieces written in tenor clef.

Simple American said...

Seems like a good strategy. All learning is building on the foundation that precedes it. Sounds like you are doing that.