Sunday, September 25, 2005

15 Aug 05: English breakfast

15 Aug 05:

Rise and shine. For the morning, I proceeded to Fitzroy Doll restaurant in Russell Hotel for breakfast.I decided to treat myself to a full English breakfast instead of the regular continental breakfast. That meant an extra 2 pounds.

A treat I suppose? The sausages tasted nice. It is the thought of eating a full English breakfast in London, the lands of the English, that makes the breakfast even more enticing. Of course, the choice of ingredients by Fitzroy Doll was pretty good. Overall, however, I would still prefer breakfast at Conrad Centennial Singapore's Oscar's Cafe. At this rate, Oscar's Cafe should enlist me as one of their cafe's ardent fans.

The fruit juices at Fitzroy Doll is not as comparable to Oscar Cafe's, but they did fine. By the way, when you are in London, please be careful when you see red or green colour juices. Usually, in Singapore, a red colour juice would most likely be watermelon juice. A green colour juice would most likely be guava juice. But in London, my perception of juices left me totally mistaken. In London, what I had mistook as watermelon juice and guava juice turned out to be grapefruit juices in the colours of red and green. I did not like the taste of grapefruit juices. They have this bitter taste (whether red or green) which my tastebuds failed to like.

After breakfast, I took a short walk about the Russell Square Park. Parks in London are enticing places to go to in the summer. It was lovely being out in the nice smmer sun and the open spaces of the park. The lush green grass made it even more charming.

Thereafter, I reckoned that I would do a lot of travelling that day. As such, I bought myself a day-ticket. Because I had bought it during the peak hours, the day ticket cost 6 pounds. Public transport in London seemed comparatively much more expensive than in Singapore if I were to convert pounds into Singapore dollars.

Anyway, I headed to Green Park and then transferred to Jubilee line and alighted at the Westminster tube station.

When I walked out of the tube station, I saw the Big Ben and British Airways London Eye.

Big Ben. Posted by Picasa

I walked on and passed by the Houses of Parliament. I decided to walk across the street to start my tour of the day with the Westminster Abbey. I requested for a verger guided tour and I was glad that I did.

Stay tune for more.


mistipurple said...

:) i am staying tuned... all ears and eyes!

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Me too. I waiting to hear more. :)