Monday, September 05, 2005

Haphazard cries

When one looks ahead
There has yet a single spark

A day's energy has been expended
Hopefully it was not an exercise of futility
And if it was not
Why has it not seem effective?

The world out there
Still trying to understand
Complexities are acceptable
But atrocities, why have they been condoned?

Pressing on
Yet wondering how long one's faith could really last?


mystic said...

just wondering, would you care to share why there has been an increased utilisation of poems in representation of your daily post??

is it a "safer" medium that is coherent with your inner feelings? as opposed to the function of your regular posts (detailing your daily activities) as a source of ventilation? Or that the words aptly describe the feelings?

To share with you my personal experience, i do read poems, phrases and books to soothe my feelings (sadness, angst, disappointment), to nourish my body, and to make sense of the external parties' trepasses and my own thoughts. For me reading creates a vaccuum that shuts out all the external factors. allows me to be with myself, my thoughts, my fears, my doucbts and the book's wisdom. it allows for reflection, for me to hold my thoughts for that particular moment. for that, it is as if you are finally in control, in your own time, own element after a day of mind-boggling, interactive work relations-interaction.

Simple American said...

The world is difficult to understand Oceanskies.

The problem is man tries to make the world a better place, but often does this at the expense of his brother.

I like a cool room, but it makes you cold. How can we share comfort and be in the same room.

I am hungry and go see one sandwich in the fridge. Do I cut it in half and let you pick a piece? Do I eat it all? Do I ignore my hunger? Do I ask your opinion? And do I listen to the opinion you provide.

Its very simplistic, but I think it touches on and can expand into the world around us.

Keep seeking Oceanskies. I sense you have a strong mind through the doubts.

Jammie J. said...

Faith will last for as long as there is hope. You have to have hope to survive, I think.

oceanskies79 said...

Mystic: thanks for posting. Yet, I fear I have no response to offer.

Simple American: Thanks for your sharing. I wish I could be wise enough to truly comprehend its depth.

J.: Thanks for visiting. Thanks for sharing a sense of hope with me.