Sunday, September 18, 2005

Facing the ups and downs

Where does one muster
The strength
To face the everyday's ups and downs?

How does one find
The faith
To overcome the world's tribulations and trials?

At times feeling one's strong to face the world
As if all problems could be resolved within one's powers
Then circumstances proved otherwise
And humility would need to rise

Where failure to lower oneself temporarily before the larger forces
May render one more vulnerable to the storms
Like the grass that resist the forces of nature
Tend to wither so much faster

And yet at times
One feels so inadequate
To rise up to life's challenges and the daily trials
So one would wallow in the shadows of darknes

Where failure to see one's hidden strength
Denies one's access
To that power
That could improve one's fate

Left clueless at times
To face the world
At times delightful
At times discouraging

Yet to possess
Still searching for the answers

May one find the strength
And the faith
To face
The unknown ups and downs


Calamity Man said...

if the unknown was known that it'd never be known as the unknown.

im sorry. that was my stab at poetry. obviously i should just stick to doing my job.

mistipurple said...

i am clueless,
and thanks, you are a friend indeed! *wink*
i hope i will be a good friend too, to you. please forgive me if i falter. in my insecurities i do many silly things.

Simple American said...

When I look I find help from God.

When I think right I pray to God to help me have access to the information I need to make the decisions in my life.

My problem is despite the fact I know this works, I don't do it often enough or frequently enough. But I know I should.

pinkie said...

I aint wise but I think it all comes from the mind...

May the strength be with you ...

oceanskies79 said...

Mr Loobz: That was an attempt nevertheless.

Mistipurple: Thanks pal. We all simply need acceptance to thrive.

Simple American: sounds like a spiritual search that I am in for?

Pinkie: Thanks for your kind and supportive wishes. You too.

Simple American said...

The spirit can never be ignored. It will raise its head and it will get ugly.

Calamity Man said...

yeah, spirits are ugly. thats just the way it ghost. :P