Saturday, September 17, 2005

New look New view

Vision, hopefully would improve with my newly prescribed lenses. As mentioned on my post dated 11 Sep 05, my astigmatism had worsened and I need a new prescription to correct my vision problems.

Good news for my vision woes, I got my new pair of spectacles frame and prescribed lenses yesterday. Last evening, I have also sent my previous pair of frameless spectacles for a change in lenses. I actually like my pair of frameless spectacles, it was meant to be light-weight such that I could hardly feel I was wearing a pair of spectacles. For now, I hope I would see things more clearly with the new prescription.

Imagine me with my new look on my pair of half-framed spectacles which came with transition lenses. I am still quite fascinated by the technology. When I was out for lunch this afternoon, I found myself going outdoors on purpose so that sunlight would fall on the lenses and make them change colours. How fascinating. I understand that transition lenses become darker when exposed to ultraviolet light and become lightened when removed from the ultraviolet light.

Hopefully, the transition lenses would come handy when I am outdoors taking photographs. The sun can be pretty bright at our part of the world. While I do not like the glare from the bright sunlight, bright sunlight has proved to be a good source of natural lighting for photography.

Meantime, I wonder how my perspective of the world might change with my new lenses?


mistipurple said...

i hope you will be able to see your dream and the answer to what you are seeking with this new pair of lenses.
and.... tell me the shop's name if it does! :)

Simple American said...

It's always a comfort to see better. Hope these new spectacle do the trick.

mistipurple said...

i want to say thanks again for your kind gesture. :)