Thursday, September 22, 2005


I am writing like a factory churning posts
To express the overwhelming thoughts and emotions
That are held within

Trying to mask the message
Hidden within by the sheer quantity

Yet I must have been contradicting myself
I actually hope for otherwise
That someone discerning would have
Read between the lines
And hear my cries


pinkie said...

girl, I'm worried about you...

Calamity Man said...

you need to talk to a friend with whatever youre facing right now. dont bottle things up. you might explode.

oceanskies79 said...

Mr Loobz: actually I had felt that I would explode. Thank goodness I have yet to.

Pinkie: ...I hope I will be fine soon...not feeling well am trying to take enough Vit C, water, and rest.

Caracola said...

Hello Py! i just want you to say that you take it eazy gar! i am sending you all the positive energy possible, please take care of yourself and have a good rest and peacefull weekend sweet thing! *muacks*

mistipurple said...

i would like to extend my hand. i am around, anytime for you k? even if that would mean giving you the space you need. i am here for you, please remember that.

Simple American said...

YOu have a human life. It has flesh, mind, and soul. Something here is out of balance. Your mind seems sound, though it may be confused. You look physically healthy in your pics, though you could still be enduring physical pain.

But I really suspect there are some soul problems. There is a hurt or a void that you cannot fill.

I cannot provide an answer, but I can encourage you to persevere. God has a timetable for each of us and we must do our best within that time table. Seek knowledge, and once you have knowledge, the go find super knowledge.

Calamity Man said...

then you gotta poke a little hole in the cap to let a little air out before it pops right open suddenly.

mistipurple said...

i repeat ok? i am around, anytime. *wink*
cheering you on, and have a good weekend. (you can hang out if you want, at my office today! (saturday) not to work but just er.. 'play' huh.)

crazycat said...

hmm.. u also bottling up feelings?? since we lived near, do let me know if u need a listening ear?? pm me on msn if u need to meet and talk

小芬 said...

Everyone of us do feel lost at different point in life, I can understand how you feel.

Good to have a listening ear to let it all out but I think we ladies prefer to have someone who can give us advice as well. Two-way traffic is better right?

Regardless of what I am blabbering above, the main point I am trying to drive is you are not alone, and your low will be over. Real soon I hope!

Cheer up! Yeah!

Calamity Man said...

kaaaatt, are you blocking me from msn? how come others get to see you online but i dont? so sad.

oh ya, if you dont mind my nodding, grunting and mumbling a few things while you talk, you can reach me too ok py.

mistipurple said...

psst.. got something for you at my blog. hehe.