Thursday, September 01, 2005

7 Aug 05: Sunday and Free Day

Back to sharing about my visit to UK.

7 Aug 2005, it was Sunday, and there was no official programme for myself to attend on that day. Hence, it was a free day for me.

In the morning, it was hard to resist the companionship of the double bass, so I practised. This is even though I still think "my husband" and "my boyfriend" still make better companions. But I guess in foreign lands, and when performances are drawing near, I could not choose to be choosy?

That morning, I practised the following: Saint Saens' The Elephant, first movement from Brahms'Symphony No. 2, various scales and studies, and Hartley's Double Bass Solo Book 1.

In the afternoon, after having lunch at the hostel, I headed for the city of Aberdeen. There was a market held along Union Street. Traffic was not allowed to drive into Union Street for that weekend.

The market along Union Street.

I walked along Union Street until I passed by the Music Hall. It brought nice feelings because this was where myself and the orchestra performed during the opening concert. This was also the destination of the festival parade.

Weather can change drastically. When I was nearby the music hall, the skies looked clear and fine. In less than half an hour's time, this was how the skies looked. There was a slight dizzle.

Under this kind of weather condition, I walked down a street to look for a music store which I have heard about. It was closed! The shop does not open on Sundays. I felt disappointed after walking such a long stretch of road.

Strange enough, the poor weather soon came to an end. As I walked towards Union Street, I found myself gradually liking the granite buildings in Aberdeen.

When I reached Union Street, I saw a bagpipe band playing. I spent some time standing at one corner listening to Scottish tunes played by the band.

As I walked on, I passed by a lane. I quite enjoy such a sight.

I also went into one of the bookshops to get myself a book on assessment in social work. I thought this was quite a good find because I could not find this book in Singapore.

Maritime Museum is open on Sundays but by that time of the day, it was closed.

Deciding not to be disappointed, I walked to the Information Centre thinking of getting souvenirs, but there weren't much that caught my eye. Yet, it was not a fruitless trip to the Information Centre. I found out that internet access was available there. It was 1 pound for 20 minutes access. I found myself using the internet access simply to read important emails and clear junk emails. I didn't have the time to even post an entry on my blog nor to read the blogs of others.

Afterwhich, I headed for the Marischal College's museum. The museum was alright though I felt that the exhibits did not quite appeal a lot with me. Maybe I had been too tired from walking.

I've posted photos of the Marischal College on my other blog.

Took a bus back to the hostel. I took dinner and then returned to my room for a short nap. It was a tiring day. I had wanted to practise, but due to tiredness, practice-time was cut short to half-an-hour. Afterwhich, I think I took an early rest.


Simple American said...

Oh I dream of the day I can go to Scotland. To follow the beat of the drums and listen to the bagpipes wail.

Thanks for sharing these pics.

mistipurple said...

the pics are like movie clips. nice to be there to see the real thing, feel the granite walls and all. thanks for sharing.