Thursday, September 08, 2005

Movie Alone

The work day continued to be busy like the previous few days. One hopes that having to press on is not an act that would drag infinitely. Hoping for a breakthrough. Positive in its nature.

Left office close to 7.30 p.m. Decide to treat myself to movie. I heard that the March of the Penguins is quite a good show to catch, so I travelled from workplace to this place called Plaza Singapura to catch the show.

Watched it alone. Fearing intrusion of my private space, but perhaps more so, the hassle of inviting anyone to share my time with. Or I say, I am simply independent. I could not see what difference it would make to have a company. For much of my life, I have been doing many things quite on my own, alone.

I should say that the best part about being alone is when one buy the tickets. If one were to buy tickets at the last minute, it is easier to find a single stand-alone seat available for sale than two or more seats adjacent to one another.

Managed to get myself a seat even though the sign said tickets were "Selling Fast". I watched the French edition. Now French seems to be ringing in my ears.

Anyway, I find the movie quite good and interesting. A moving one, with humour too.

I can't remember when was the last time I went to catch a show in a cinema. It must have been quite a while.


Calamity Man said...

jelte, liana and i are planning to catch the movie soon.

i too prefer to spend time on my own. its easier to get thigs organized so to speak.

no need for bickering on what or where to eat, no need to wait for anyone who will definitely turn up late, etc.

Simple American said...

I find this post interesting.

In Singapore when you go to the movie do you pay to sit in certain seat and row? In US its all general admission.

Is it common for movies to be in French over there? What are the usual languages?

I like going alone because I can read the movie credits without being bothered by someone that is bored, in a hurry to go, or too hyped from the movie to allow me to see who made the show.

How languages do you speak?

Sorry I'm such a culture junkie. Too curious for own good sometimes.

mistipurple said...

am here to lend support.

pinkie said...

often wonder how izzit like catching movie alone...

oceanskies79 said...

Mr Loobz: Hope you would like the show. Yes, I agree it is nice to spend time on one's own. Less time spent on organising simple task, and no need to wait.

Simple American: Hi. Thanks for your interest. Let me try to answer:
The ticket will each denote the seat and row number. Usually where watching movie is concerned, there's no free-seating. But of course, if there's a lot of empty seats around, one won't get faulted if one had sat on another seat other than the one indicated on one's tickets, so long as that other seat is not taken by another person.

Movies in Singapore are usually mainly in English, followed by in Mandarin. I think. Pardon me if I were to be wrong, cos you might have guessed that I am not a movie-fanatic.

I speak Mandarin and English. The former is my mother tongue, but I use English many of the times because that's the language I use when talking to work-associates etc. But it doesn't mean I don't speak Mandarin at the workplace. I speak Mandarin to my Mandarin-speaking clients.

Pinkie: I agree with Simple American. The good thing about watching a movie alone is that I can enter and leave the theatre at my pace.

atching a movie alone also means that I don't have to feel obliged to keep my company entertained. I am an introvert, so pardon me if at times I shy away from even the nicest person in the world when I need a big space of my own.

I don't usually have a need to want to discuss about my afterthoughts after watching a movie even if I were to have a company, so it does not quite matter if I were to have one.

Of course, having a company does have its merits. The thoughts about spending time together with friends, and seeing my friend enjoying the movie together.