Tuesday, September 13, 2005

How do I make myself heard?

As I have admitted
It could be my walls
That protect me from the dangers
From the rest of the world

You may live in a world where you prefer
To verbalise what's within
But to me
The world within is sacred
And could only be felt

So here you have
A pair of ears that could hear
But I don't need to be heard
I rather be listened and understood

When previous episodes of disappointments
Left me dubious
That even with the most concerned ears
You would have failed to understand my world
For my world closes up tremendously
With the slightness bit of lecture or miscomprehension

Even if you may have a long lifetime of experiences
Not necessary would that make you the expert
Of my world so different
Even if our worlds may seem similar

So even when my world is in the shade of blue
I would rather bear the weight of this depressing hue
Than to speak words that may make myself a little more understood
For I fear risking being even a little misunderstood
And I would end up folded in my closed up world
Even more misunderstood

If you wish to feel my world
Sit beside me quietly to sense it
The world not meant to be verbalised
But could be seen with one's heart
Then you shall hear and understand the story
Of my world, the enigma it has been


mistipurple said...

my sweet oceanskies, if i could make this trip any easier, if i could cloak you from the harshness,
i would. for age has jaded me, i can take the blow life deals. not that i handle it any better, but that i hate to see you suffer. but know you're not alone, and that i do care, though care alone cannot remove your pain. i will however, extend my hand, whilst giving you the space, know surely in this journey, you're heard and understood.. at least by one.

Simple American said...

The more people differ, the more they become the same.

Everyone seeks the same goal, but there are a thousand thousand thousand paths.

They go straight.
Criss cross.
Double back.
Dead End.

Listen to be heard. Hear to be listened to.
Share and take alike.
Understand to be understood.

I think this is what I hear from you?

Anonymous said...

I like how you were able to put these emotions into words that reflect them perfectly.

oceanskies79 said...

Dear Mistipurple: Thanks. You seem like a guardian angel watching over me.

Actually you needn't cloak me from the harshness. Maybe I needed to face the challenges and harshness of life to grow stronger. I am happy enough to have your company along the way.

Simple American: Now you sound so much more wise than me.

Kunstemaecker: I wrote to express myself. I guess it was a bonus to earn a compliment from you. Thanks for visiting.