Sunday, September 11, 2005

Must have been ramblings

Your love is unconditional
Till the end of time it would last
But I fear it was not the love
Which I would truely thrive in and be nurtured

I wish I was able to appreciate
That pragmatism in your love
But my world is in that of endless possibilities
That could not wish to be bound by realities

Where small gestures touches the heart
It hurts that your words seem to interfere with my larger vision
Left me not understood
Maybe you have meant otherwise
But I would rather you have meant what you really wish to say
Though I know truth is hardest to mouth

Forgive my insolence
For I am struggling
In this world trying to find where I could stand
It did not help by stopping me to test what may turn out to be the pitfalls
When all I needed was encouragement
A listening ear who dares to understand

That my world is totally different from yours
And this does not necessary mean rebellion
It is a necessity in the pursuit of my destiny
Unknown yet to me

And now I fear if I would have the heart to break free
From the shackles of love that have set me in
For I fear mislabelled ungrateful
In this world proned to misunderstandings


mistipurple said...

that was beautiful
though the contents was not
it felt painful
i wish i could be a better friend
to cloak you from the harshness of this world
since i cannot, i hope to be able to just listen well, and not say things that should not be said, for that is not what you need. you do not need advice that has become common ground for all to give.
i hope not to fail to be a better friend. i may make some boo boos, but i will get there.. some time..

oceanskies79 said...

Thanks Misti.

mistipurple said...

i think i understand, and i think i know what you were saying in those lines. hugs oceanskies.

emily said...

hey hey! i realised its soup restaurant not soup garden!! haha wad a blunder

pinkie said...

i dunno what is happening but hope you'll be alright soon...

pinkie said...

i dunno what is happening but hope you'll be alright soon...

oceanskies79 said...

Misti: Thanks again. I wish I could be less reserved to accept hugs.

Emily: Ok. No worry. All the best for your exams tomorrow.

Pinkie: Thanks for your well-wishes. I appreciate it.

Simple American said...

Have you talked with this person? Do they allow you to? Present your view, your needs. Life is full compromise, but does it have to be a sacrifice?