Sunday, September 11, 2005

Vision Woes

Today has been a terribly hot day in Singapore. In attempt to quench my curiousity, I made my way on a hot afternoon to the Asian Civilisation Museum at Empress Place to check out the Roman Carnival. I tried some supposedly Italian cusine for lunch. It was fine but I was awfully picky to say that it was superb.

I suppose the Carnival must have been good, if not for the scorching bright sun. My vision hasn't been good these days. Vision's not too perfect even with the help of prescribed lenses. As such, pardon me, even the nicest jewellery displayed right in front of my eyes would seem just plain mundane. Therefore, I am saying that the Carnival did not quite appeal to me as expected.

My feet was on semi-auto-walking mode. After trying to view the exhibits in the Journey of Faith exhibition, I was walking for the next one hour. Under the hot sun! Put on my shades, and they helped.

Then I headed back to my own neighbourhood which was about half-an-hour ride away by the public transport (the MRT).

To rectify the vision woes, what better thing than to see a optician? I was told that my astigmatism has worsened. Sigh. No wonder my vision has became blurred. Blurred vision can affect one's moods at times too. I may get easily irritable if I cannot see well when I move about from places to places. I could hardly gauge my steps well with blurred vision. I could only depend on my imagination, forced to become rich, to see the beauty in objects around me even though the images that I actually see are simply plain. So that if I were to miss a step and to almost trip, I would tell myself it was worthwhile because I am living in a beautiful world. What imagination!

Anyway, saw the optician. The optician shop's staff gave good service. One of them patiently helped me to select a suitable pair of lenses and a frame that would suit my needs. Another who test my eyesight shared with me that even rubbing one's eyes too constantly may change the shape of the cornea and hence make the astigmatism worsen. If you want to know which shop it is, you could check with me personally.

Anyway, my prescribed lenses would be ready within five days time. Maybe I would see the world in a different, and hopefully, better light?


mistipurple said...

i must stop rubbing my eyes.

Simple American said...

I have astygmatism too. What a pain! Hope they get you back to good vision again soon.