Thursday, September 22, 2005

Let's start from 28 hours ago

About 28 hours ago, I have dinner together with Emily at one of the cafes in the university. The cafe looks more like a canteen that is situated next to the swimming pool. We had Western food and I personally like the breadcrumbs that have coated the chicken cutlet. The breadcrumbs made the cutlet taste nice.

Then after dinner, we went back to one of the studios in the Centre for the Arts to prepare for double bass sectionals. Double bass sectionals have always been something worthwhile for yours truly to look forward to. We asked (or rather, I asked) our double bass tutor to give us some insights to developing good posture. The trick seems to be simply that of being natural. That's about all I could remember, and if Emily would care to fill me in, I would be grateful.

I was fascinated that I was able to bow the bow quite effortlessly after our tutor gave some tips on how I could place my right hand on the bow in the most natural posture. That cheered my spirits up a little. It's fun to learn. During sectional, we went through Sibelius' Second Symphony. One entire hour on the double bass was spent during sectional, but was my favourite one hour of the entire of yesterday.

Later, we had orchestra rehearsals. There were some people who came to view the new auditorium and to listen to the acoustics of the new auditorium. We played the third movement and the fourth movement of the Sibelius' Second Symphony. We also went through part of Sibelius' Third Symphony. Sibelius music seemed less alien the more we rehearsed it. Nevertheless, I would appreciate it if someone could guide me on how to play those syncopated notes with greater accuracy and confidence.

During the orchestra break and after the orchestra rehearsal, I had the honour to play the Marcello's Sonata in G minor with Emily. I played the parts transcribed for the double bass while Emily played the parts meant for the piano on her double bass. I marvelled at how Emily could sight-read parts meant for the piano and play those on the double bass. My favourite was the fourth movement. Fun. That helped to make the day a little more delightful. This was much needed when I have been feeling quite low since the beginning of the work week.

After rehearsal, Emily brought her double bass to the conservatory, and I followed along. The conservatory seemed impressive in that there were studios everywhere. I quite like the tall locker that Emily had kept her double bass in.

About 13 hours ago, I started the work day. At times the head felt heavy. What would be needed to find that break-through at work? I only ask for feel more rejuvenated. There were moments at work where there's learnings and it helps lift the moods of the time. However there were moments when I wonder if I could not live up to accomplishing the workload in time because I have my own limitations or if I was just not being smart in getting work done. Such thoughts seem to make one feel dismay. I don't know if I should just ignore them, or to entertain them in hope to find ways to resolve those bugging issues on my mind.

About 2 hours ago, I collected my pair of frameless spectacles which now has a pair of new prescribed lenses on it. Maybe having two different pair of spectacles is a reminder that there can be different ways to view one single issue? I am clueless in this seemingly dark world.

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mistipurple said...

glad you enjoyed your sectionals. at least you enjoy music to the point that they make you forget the day's woes. i hope you will one day do this on a full time basis. i think you might feel more fulfilled. in the meantime, i wish you a pleasant journey before doing that. :)