Sunday, September 18, 2005

Wishful thinking

While I am accepting the fact that "my husband", the double bass, will serve me well despite it not being the best of instruments around, I at times hope for a new double bass.

A new double bass. Shall I term it as "my new husband-to-be"? Even though I doubt it would be in the near future that I would get myself a "new husband".

Lemur Music has an online gallery of double basses, and it is fascinating to look at so many handsome double basses. Maybe one day when I work hard and good enough, I would deservingly own a "a new husband".

Actually, it probably won't matter whether or not I have a "new husband". It is nice to have but not a necessity. "My husband" has sentimental value being a gift from my mother. Furthermore, I don't know if I would have the room in my heart to accomodate one more husband.

When I spoke of my hopes to have a "new husband", Mystic proposed that if I could find a real husband, then I could ask for a "new husband" as my real husband's token of love. So I jested and replied, "What a great idea. If any man would be willing to get me a a new husband of my liking, I would seriously consider (him)".

Certainly sounds an interesting idea. Hopefully readers would feel amused by this post of wishful thinking. Anyway, my words were meant as a jest. Marriage and relationship are not meant to be taken too lightly in the first place.

I have no potential candidate for the position of the real husband now, but that is fine, I have "my husband" to delight in. "He" is really sturdy and nice. *winks*.


mistipurple said...

hmmm.... sounds like a fair exchange! i hope one day you will meet your Prince Charming who will sweep you off your feet and buy you a 'new husband' and be the 'real husband' himself. though being fully aware of your extra marital affair with another 'boyfriend' hiding at the campus and the 'present husband' you are now having.

in all truthfulness, i hope the Prince Charming will not be intimidated by your present loves. alot of guys here are very insecure. eeeks, i said a statement that may furrow many a local's eyes.

Simple American said...

I guess you are okay as long as none of your double basses become a gigolo. *slaps self*

Though I do find it intersting. Though I am surrounded by kids that play violin or cello. None of these rugras are on double bass yet.