Friday, September 09, 2005

Ears only for Brahms

I went alone to listen to a concert by the Singapore Symphony Orchestra this evening. I bought the tickets a few months ago, in June or July, I think. Here's the programme:

  • BRITTEN - Young Apollo, Op. 16
  • MOZART - Piano Concerto No. 12 in A major, K414
  • BRAHMS - Symphony No. 1 in C minor, Op. 68

I was there specially to listen to Brahms' First Symphony live. Experience tells me that if I am lucky, I would only get to hear this very symphony live about once every year. Listening to it in recording is nice, but I personally think that if well-played, the symphony is best enjoyed live.

Brahms' First Symphony has special meaning to me. It is the first complete symphony that I played. It was a very difficult work for myself to play when I played it about six years ago, so I practised almost whenever I was free, alone.

Somehow, listening to it reminds me of the times when I practised hard to make it possible to play this work. Of course, back then, there was some dismay because despite practising very hard for it, I still could not master it after working on it for at least three months. As I looked back, one simply needs to give oneself enough time to develop and to grow. Diligent and constant practice does help, but patience will be needed to see one through the dormant years until one's efforts finally start to bear some fruits.

Back to the concert tonight, it was not a surprise that I attended the concert alone. I do so most of the times.

Maybe I was very tired this evening, I could not keep myself fully awake throughout the entire first-half of the concert. Somehow, my mind was in "sleep-mode" when the orchestra was playing Britten's Young Apollo and Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 12.

But I must have ears only for Brahms. For the second-half of the concert, I was wide awake and alert to enjoy the symphony. The orchestra played well. Earlier this year, I was lucky to have heard this very symphony performed by the Conservatory Orchestra. I can vouch that tonight's performance is so much more splendid, comparatively. Tonight's concert, by the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, the double bass section sound so much more confident, loud and clear. I quite like the horn solo though I felt it could be more moving. Of course, it would not be fair to compare conservatory students with music professionals, so I shall decide not to. Furthermore, I know I myself have yet to master this symphony, so it might be unfair to expect conservatory students to do so.

I guess if I had known I have only ears for Brahms, I would have missed the first-half of the concert and just attend the second-half. Maybe that might have help me steal a little time with JY who will be leaving very soon for the United Kingdoms to further her studies. I could only wish her all the best.


Simple American said...

Glad you got to enjoy the concert. I wish I knew more about music, besides thats sounds cool or what. I am trying to say I wish I had the knowledge to talks of music intelligently and not just emotionally.

mistipurple said...

sending cheers and encouragement. i understand how tiring everything can be. i keep saying the same thing, i hope you don't mind. a tired horse trying to comfort and encourage another tired 'horse'? (excuse my rudeness in referring to you as a horse, but the mind's tired and can't think of 'politer' terms.)

pinkie said...

both of u r so tired... shall we chill out somewhere? *wink*

Hi, cheer up alright :)

oceanskies79 said...

Simple American: Music can be enjoyed, whether one is responding to it emotionally or intellectually. =)

Mistipurple: Thanks for the cheers and encouragement.

Pinkie: Thanks for your kind words.
Also, thanks for offering your time. Where? Must we wait for Mistipurple to respond?

oceanskies79 said...

Then Kelly?

mistipurple said...

the tired horse replies. i guess only horses and bulls can shove me outta my door. i should announce that whilest i appear 'hyper' at times and tend to overtalk, i am actually a recluse. if you would tolerate my extreme swings in emotion, and understand my need for space, i would be honored for any of your company.

Chengxuan...theViolinPlayer said...

Lynnette Seah's solo in the 2nd mvmt. of the Brahms symphony was so beautiful... really