Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Living in a big bubble
In need for protection
The space is necessary
Else the bubble shrinks into thin air

What seems a cover
To defend against external forces
May also be the wall that
Prevents connection

Who is to hear
Two separate worlds at different frequencies
To strike an exchange
Must have been a miracle indeed

And when the surface loses its tension
The world inside is forced to meet
The one outside
Who knows, maybe this phenomenon isn't that scary


Simple American said...

When you live in a crowded city like Singapore I am certain it is easy to feel pressed in. Finding relief in the privacy of your home can be a comfort, but the lack of human contact can create a certain discomfort too.

Do some of these feelings come about do to the people you meet as a social worker? I am making assumptions, but I would imagine you see people with desperate needs. Perhaps you are the blessing that these people recieve. And your blessing is knowing that you have done the best you can for them.

Goldilocks said...

love this. describes adequately... =)

tonia said...

It's nice that you're sharing some of your poetry with us.

mistipurple said...

i understand. am in a bubble wall myself. have to get out sometimes to connect with the world, though i would rather not.

pinkie said...

r u ok, my dear?