Thursday, September 15, 2005

I wish I could know

I wish I could know
The way to be more effective
In accomplishing
That pile of load that may somehow
Lead me to achieve
My dreams

I wish I could know
The way to be more efficient
To help me sense
That I am utilising
Every second and minute
To work towards a dream

Tell me if I have been lazy or ineffective
And advise me how to be better
I will listen intently
As if the angels are speaking

Why does time seem not enough?
Or is it that the pace of the world has became too fast?
Such that no normal being could ever catch up?
Or is it that oneself has refused to try to keep up
And so one laze stagnantly?

I would like to think the pace has been too fast
For I have never thought of myself as a bummer
I have thought I have been giving my all
But was left utterly discouraged that I seem yet
Anyway near
Any of my dreams

And I could only console myself
By staying patient
For perhaps in the darkest moments
Soon light would come


Simple American said...

Never quit. Always try. Roadblocks are made to go around, not over.

Efficiency comes with experience. Try things. Keep what works and dump the things that do not.

When people talk to you make sure they are criticising you and not themselves. Sometimes people use the listener as a ounding board and they really are bouncing things off to see effect.

Don't overtax yourself. Everyday only has 24 hours. Identify what needs to be done each day and pursue those things. If you finish early, perhaps you can bump up a lower priority or you could relax.

Be patient. You're young. There are always going to be dreams. Some leave. New ones arrive. When dreams are realized I hope you can enjoy them.

mistipurple said...

you are searching. i wish you success in finding yourself. remember to smell the flowers along the way.
you are not a bummer. in fact you work far too hard and at an abnormal pace. slow down. you are only beating your own record. it is not wrong to work within that limit, which is already above a normal worker's output. reserve some time for yourself PY. your sacred hideout needs nourishment too. :)