Thursday, September 01, 2005

I hope

Unanswered questions run in my mind,
Hoping for answers to be found.
New questions come up everyday,
Even though I have yet found the answers to the questions of yesterday's.

The search may be one that takes a lifetime,
Even though I do fear I may not be given enough time.

Life's short.
Patience may not last one forever.

Dreaming of revelation,
But it would make the game too simple.
Answers found with reflection and effort,
Bear fruits that make one wiser.
Answers found through no effort,
May not be fully appreciated.

As such I write a post of hope,
That true meaning could indeed be found.
If one could have the faith,
To pursue the journey of discovery.

I hope
To find
Answers to questions I ask.
With time, I hope I will.


Simple American said...

Curiosity and desire will be the tools to find answers. Do not lose either and you shall be fine.

All questions may not be answered in this life, but if you ask the right questions and make the right decisions you can find satisfaction in this life.

mistipurple said...

life is a journey, i hope yours will be a nice discovery, day by day. have a good trip py.

pinkie said...

u wanna chill out too?

oceanskies79 said...

Simple American: Thanks for sharing.

Mistipurple: Thanks too. I hope the trip would be a good one.

Pinkie: I happily accept the invitation. Thanks. Pardon me, how should one chill out? Walk about and take photographs?