Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Postcard from JY

Surprise of the day: Received a postcard from JY.

JY is now in Birmingham. It is very nice of her to have sent a postcard. I suppose she had done so before she left for UK? Thanks for the thoughts, JY, I am touched by your gesture.

Friendster updated me some moments that JY has updated her friendster account, and presto, when I logged in, I saw her Friendster Blog. So I spent time to read her post as if I have been deprived of a few days of her writing. Good to hear how she is doing.

By the way, I don't check Friendster very often even though I have an account. I must have been adopting such a closed door policy with Friendster that I only have five friends in my Friendster account. Please don't get upset with me if I hardly check my Friendster account.

Request for technical help
To side track, if anyone of you could help JY to get her Blogger blog working again, I would greatly appreciate it. JY said that when she logged into blogger using her laptop, "most letters appear as squares." Anyone has any clue why this is happening?

Anyway, a photo dedicated to JY, to bring her some fond memories of Singapore. Hope she would like it.


Postcards are nice. Today, I realised that I would prefer sealed cards or letters during some circumstances.

If anyone of you wanted to choose between sending me a postcard versus a letter, I would prefer a letter (or a sealed card) if you have written words intended for me other than simple greetings.

I found out today that I have my own sense of insecurities and would not wish to have too much private words written on postcard. Never know who's prying out there to misinterprete the contents.

I am now feeling awfully tired after work, double bass lesson and orchestra rehearsal. Long day, but the evening was fruitful especially the double bass lesson.

Earlier today, I had to present a clinical review to my colleagues. This meant that I have to show a tape of video-recording of a session with them. (Clients have given permission to the video-recording). The clinical review was meant for them to comment on my skills so that I could get feedback to enhance them for the benefit of my work with the clients. I found it quite helpful though I felt very drained mentally and my mind felt very heavy after the presentation.

Am now physically and mentally tired, so I shall end here.


pinkie said...

wah, I'm lucky to be in your friendster... ;)

oceanskies79 said...

Yes, pinkie. My honour to have you around.

mistipurple said...

i don't have frienster account. don't quite know what it is except that it links people all around. i guess i like connections only within limits and that presented a circle i am not controllable of.

anyway, oceanskies, i understand the preference of receiving words in enclosed/sealed envelopes. such is our need for privacy. :)

thank care and cheering you on for the day ahead. i know you are very drained. jia you.

Simple American said...

Thanks for posting the picture of Singapore. This guy has no clue what your city looks like the photo is very beautiful. It appears as clean as I have heard tell.