Saturday, September 27, 2008

13 Sep 2008: late afternoon with RL

Taken during a stroll at the Royal Botanic Gardens.

After being treated to beautiful sights on the ferry from Manly Wharf to Circular Quay, RL and myself headed for an outing about Circular Quay, Sydney Opera House and the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Aside from enjoying the sights that we saw, we got ourselves busy with taking self-portraits of ourselves. I have to thank RL for helping me refine my skills in taking self-portraits. We managed to get a couple of satisfying photos of ourselves, with either the Sydney Opera House or the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background.

One thing I like about Circular Quay is that when I sat down, I could usually see many seagulls flying in the skies. The seagulls of Sydney are much quieter than the seagulls of Aberdeen, Scotland. Maybe I enjoy looking at how carefree the seagulls appear to be when they are flying in the skies?

The Royal Botanic Gardens is located nearby the Sydney Opera House. This is a peaceful place to stroll about in the late afternoon.

We spotted a couple of trees that had fruit bats hanging upside down from the branches. If it does not seem eerie to you, you could try to spot the bats from the photo found below.

Can you spot where the bats are?

For the patient folks, you would be rewarded with glimpses of the Korean dinner that RL and I have had, in the next post.


mistipurple said...

can you hear the bats?

oceanskies79 said...

Actually, I don't remember hearing them. They were simply hanging upside down the branches.

I heard that these fruit bats are a delicacies for some people. Apparently, fruit bats are quite hygienic for human consumption because they only eat fruits. However, I was told that fruit bats have a lot of bones.

Doreen said...

Bats? *shudder*

Thanks for sharing your Sydney trip. Love the first pic!

oceanskies79 said...

Doreen: Those bats are nice ones. They do not bite humans. They don't bite animals either. I heard that they are fruit bats.

I like the first pic of this post too. :)