Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Good news from the scan

Urged by dear eastcoastlife, I went to consult a specialist to consult if there is any pathology for my frequent experiences of period pain. Today, I went for a pelvic ultrasound scan and the test results showed that 'no significant abnormality is detected', and I was discharged from further consultation and examination.

There are some nice staff at the diagnostic imagery department. The scan required me to have a full bladder to do the transabdominal scan. I think I must have drank more water than needed such that I had a challenging time holding a full bladder. Thank goodness the queue coordinator and the counter staff provided assistance when I alerted them of my challenging situation. The sonographer was also very kind in helping to divert my attention from the discomfort of holding a full bladder so that I could get the scan done quickly and get over with it. These were simple acts of kindness to be thankful for.

So the good news is that there's no pathology observed. Things look fine. I still can't explain the cause of the pain, and yes, Mistipurple would probably figure that I have declined the doctor's offer to prescribe me painkillers.

Maybe one of the most helpful medical discoveries that medical students could research on would be how to ease and stop period pain using natural way, without painkillers. Could someone give it a thought please? This would be a blessing to many ladies.


eastcoastlife said...

No cold food or drinks. Drink warm camomile tea mixed with honey.

I'm glad they found nothing. Now you have peace of mind. :)

oceanskies79 said...

Ok. I have been drinking warm camomile tea at least three times while I was in Australia. :)

Doreen said...

I thought period pain is a usual thing? Sometimes, sour food may contribute to the pain too. Another effective method is fried a bit of ginger with egg, then add some chinese wine/liquor (I use DOM). You can also add a bit of light soya sauce to make it taste a bit nicer. Take it once on every first day of your period, and no more pain the rest of the days! The effect kicks in within 1/2 hour.

oceanskies79 said...

Doreen, I have not heard of this method. It sounds effective for you, I could tell.

mistipurple said...

it is good news that you are alright. maybe one of those things that some of us have to bear.
i think it will go away one day.
let's wish the day come earlier for you.
i have heard that some problems of this nature goes away when you have a baby. but what a way to cure it eh?
but don't worry. sometimes problems really go off by itself.

Anonymous said...

I eat a natural supplement called Evening Primrose Oil...readily avail in supermarkets. You have to eat it regularly everyday...and when your period is approaching..you can take up to 3 pills a day. It really helps to decrease the pain.. Try it!

oceanskies79 said...

Misti: Thanks for trying to comfort.

Anonymous: Thanks for your sharing on your experience with Evening Primose Oil.

By the way, do I happen to know you personally?