Saturday, September 20, 2008

Heritage TV: Singapore Stone

Watch the HTV team discover more on the elusive Singapore Stone at the National Museum of Singapore! If the reviews to this experimental, trial episode of Heritage TV are good, there could be a 12-episode series next year.

I found out about this trial episode of Heritage TV from Wei Chong at National Heritage Board and fellow Friend of

I particularly like the segment which touches on the significance of the Singapore Stone.

On the side note, when this post is scheduled to be published, I should be on the flight back from Melbourne to Singapore.


mistipurple said...

welcome back PY.
you have been missed, but ya, your scheduled blog posts helped. *wink*

oceanskies79 said...

Misti: I have Blogger to thank for the scheduled blog posts. Please be patient. I am still trying to savour the nice moments of my trip, and may need some time to post more posts.

Crazyaboutsports said...

Thanks for plugging this and your support all this while. We might feature you and the FOYers in one of the episodes! :)