Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Good luck for the Singapore Blog Awards

As mentioned in one of my past posts, a number of bloggers whose blogs I have been regularly reading have been nominated for the Singapore Blog Awards.

I wish the following bloggers all the best for the Singapore Blog Awards:

Best Youth Blog Finalist: Lion City. Jaymes 007
Most Entertaining Blog Finalist: Eastcoastlife
Most Insightful Blog Finalist: ieatishootipost
Best Design Blog Finalist:
Best Individual Blog Finalist: Good Morning Yesterday

The winners for all the seven categories, the popular choice awards and the lucky draw winners for the voters will soon all be announced on 5th September 2008 at the Singapore Blog Awards ceremony itself.

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Lam Chun See said...

Thank you. Hope the judges like my blog. Their vote carry 70% weight. If based on popular vote, I lost already.

eastcoastlife said...

haha... it is the popular votes that gave the winners their break!