Thursday, September 18, 2008

Kampongs in Singapore

By the time that this post is scheduled to be published, I would have spent about close to a week in Sydney. I will set off for Melbourne on 19 Sep 2008 for a short stay there.

Meantime, I would like to point my readers to a post by fellow heritage blogger, Lam Chun See, of Good Morning Yesterday titled More than 1 type of kampong in Singapore.

I have been waiting for such a post from him for a while, and I am very pleased that it is finally out. In this post, Chun See shares about the difference between the various kinds of kampongs that used to exist in Singapore. I have never grown up in a kampong so it was enriching for me to read about life in kampongs.

Enjoy his post here: More than 1 type of kampong in Singapore


eastcoastlife said...

I lived in a kampong and I love the huge space. My grandma was a florist and we had a huge land for her crops, fruit trees and her flowering plants. She even reared pigs, chickens and ducks. Too bad I don't have much photos of the house we lived in.

Thanks for your postcard from Sydney!! I'm so happy to receive it!

Lam Chun See said...

Sorry to keep you waiting. I thot you would have forgotten my promise. Anyway, good things are worth waiting for right?

Actually I had many other things to blog about; e.g. the Ulu Pandan series and then don't want to keep the guest bloggers waiting mah.

Enjoy your holiday.

oceanskies79 said...

eastcoastlife: Thank you for sharing about your kampong experiences. If you should happen to blog about your kampong experiences, please let me know. I will be keen to read!

You are most welcome for the postcard. It's just my simple way to thank you for your friendship.

Chun See: Good things are worth waiting for certainly. Yes, thanks for your wishes, I have had a fabulous and memorable holiday!

Emy said...

hey py! whats that game that u have in that picture??

oceanskies79 said...

Dear Emily, you've got the answer by now: Congkak.