Monday, August 17, 2015

22 June 2015: Dinner at Giacomo's

Giacomo's at the North End of Boston.
22 June 2015, I had one of the most lovely dinners while I was in Boston. Delicious food with the lovely company of a good friend, Emz, makes the dinner at the chosen Giacomo's restaurant one of the best dinners that I have had while I was in Boston.

If not for my friend's recommendations, I would surely have missed Giacomo's. It opens for business daily at around the late afternoon. The place has limited seats and it usually take the existing customers who were already seated about an hour to finish their meals. So when my friend said that there were times she had queued quite a long while to have a meal at Giacomo's, she was stating the facts. My friend and I arrived at Giacomo's slightly after 5 p.m. and to our pleasant surprise, we waited for less than 10 minutes before we were ushered our seats in this cosy and friendly restaurant.

Burrata cream filled fresh mozzarella ball over sliced tomatoes with basil and extra virgin oil.

The people at Giacomo's who were serving the customers seemed to have the gifts of engaging in conversations with customers and making us feel welcomed. One of the waiters was very thoughtful to help us place the napkins on our lap when he noticed we were to eat lobsters. He even passed up a device to break the shell of the lobsters when he noticed we needed some help with that.

This is a no-frills restaurant that offers a range of Italian dishes that is delicious and yet thoughtful in prices for the budget-conscious guests. While there is often a line spotted right outside Giacomo's, After enjoying a delicious dinner at Giacomo's, I can fully appreciate why my friend had said that the food at Giacomo's is worth queuing for! A number of the guests ordered take-away at Giacomo's.

Half Lobster, clams, mussels over linguine, served with giacomo on the left.
Fruiti Di Mari on the right.

For the appetizer, my friend and I ordered Burrata cream filled fresh mozzarella ball over sliced tomatoes with basil and extra virgin oil. It was Giacomo's Appetizer Special. A unique dish for me because it was my first time eating such an interesting dish. It was tasty too. For a price of USD$11, it was considered value-for-money given the taste of it and the fresh ingredients that were used.

We also ordered the Fruiti Di Mari. This is a pasta that is served with shrimp, scallops, mussels, clams, calamari. We chose the scampi sauce to go along with this pasta dish. The scampi is essentially a garlic-based sauce. It went very well with the seafood and it was a pleasure to soak sour dough in the scampi sauce. This dish is simply delicious.

We also ordered a dish with half lobster, clams, mussels over linguine, served with giacomo. This is delicious and the giacomo sauce was very rich in texture and went well with the lobster. I realized that Boston is a place to enjoy seafood!

My lesson learnt: Trust our friend's recommendations especially if they are more familiar with a foreign place than we are. Thanks Emz!


Please take note that Giacomo's accepts cash only.

355 Hanover Street
Boston, MA 02113
Tel: +1 617 523 9026

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