Thursday, August 13, 2015

22 June 2015: Old North Church

Old North Church.

On 22 June 2015, after attending a free guided tour that started out at the Faneuil Hall, my friend and I were at the North End of Boston. As we walked about, we found ourselves at the Old North Church.

This church, Christ Church in the City of Boston, is Boston's oldest surviving church. It was founded in 1722 and is known to all as the Old North Church. The interior of the church, I read, was painted white since the year 1912. I personally enjoyed the large courtyards and the gardens in this church's compound.

The Old North Church offered a sense of tranquility which I appreciated.

In addition, I was intrigued by two interesting sections in the Old North Church. When I was exploring the Old North Church with my friend, we chanced by the Clough House and were delighted by both the historic Printing Office of Edes and Gill and the Captain Jackson's Historic Chocolate Shop.

Printing Office of Edes and Gill, Old North Church.

Printing Office of Edes and Gill
The 18th century printing press and the colonial printing process intrigued me quite a bit. A master printer demonstrated the printing process for visitors and I appreciated the thoughtfulness involved to showcase that segment of printing technology that is now known to most as a forgotten past.

Captain Jackson's Historic Chocolate Shop.

Captain Jackson's Historic Chocolate Shop
At the historic chocolate shop in the Old North Church, I learnt how chocolate was enjoyed by the people in Boston back in the 18th century. I learnt how colonial Americans had prepared and consumed chocolate in those days. In those days, chocolate was enjoyed as a drink.

Together with my accompanying friend, I had managed to watch a demonstration of how chocolate was made and consumed. I like the richness of the chocolate drinking. This is worthy of a good visit and we could also show our generous support with donations towards the Old North Church.

Old North Church
193 Salem St St, 
Boston, MA 0211

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