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22 June 2015: Faneuil Hall and beyond

Faneuil Hall, in the evening,. Taken on 24 Jun 2015.

It was a sunny day on the Monday morning of 22 June 2015. I had the good company in one of my friends, Emz, who accompanied me to start our journey at Faneuil Hall. Fanueil Hall is one of the sixteen official sites on the Freedom Trail.

I read that the current building of the Faneuil Hall was designed by Charles Bulfinch in 1805. The original hall was built in 1742. Faneuil Hall has served as a marketplace and a meeting hall since 1742.

When Emz and I reached Faneuil Hall, we made enquiries regarding the guided tours. To our pleasant surprise, we were told that there would be a free guided tour, if I was not wrong, by one of the National Park Service Rangers.

Quincy Market, Boston.
The guided tour started nearby.

Allegiance to Revolution
The title of the tour that we went on was "Allegiance to Revolution". Honestly speaking, I would need some help to better appreciate the history of the United States. I wondered if our guide would be somewhat consoled that I could at least be aware that the two key persons in history who were mentioned in the "Allegiance to Revolution" tour were Thomas Hutchinson and Paul Revere? Essentially, the tour that we went on were about making decisions that eventually changed the lives of the two characters.

The guided tour took us to the site of the Big Dig, the North End of Boston, St Stephen's Church, Paul Revere Monument and more. By the time that the tour concluded, we were at the North End of Boston, near the Paul Revere Monument.

The pedestrian mall above where the Big Dig had taken place.

One of the heritage sites related to Paul Revere.

Paul Revere Monument

Back to Faneuil Hall once again
After having lunch at the North End of Boston and exploring the Quincy Market, Emz and I returned to explore more of Faneuil Hall and the nearby marketplaces.

The Great Hall.

It is worthwhile to spend some time at the Faneuil Hall. The second floor is a meeting hall, also known as the Great Hall. There was a historical talk by a ranger when we were there. He spoke about Peter Faneuil and a lot more about the American revolution.

The Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Massachusetts museum and library.

On the fourth floor of the Faneuil Hall is the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Massachusetts museum and library. Given the historical significance of Faneuil Hall, it was natural that the historical artifacts in this museum and library were also of importance too historically. The Faneuil Hall seemed to transport me back to the 18th century and I was rather glad to spend the afternoon there.

I felt thankful to step into and explore the Faneuil Hall, a historically significant site.

Faneuil Hall
1 Faneuil Hall Square
Boston, MA 02109, USA

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