Friday, September 26, 2008

13 Sep 2008: Sunny day out at Manly

The city of Sydney is situated on a harbour, and what better way to travel about this harbour than by vessels that float above the waters.

After a lovely stroll along George Street, RL generously got ourselves a pair of ferry tickets to Manly. She was very thoughtful to try to help me get a good spot on the ferry where I could get a good view of the waters, and the sceneries. My photos probably could only capture a tiny fraction of the beauty of the Sydney harbour.

Manly is about half an hour by ferry from the city of Sydney. On the way to Manly, we could catch glimpses of the Tarongo Zoo and the Northern part of Sydney from the ferry. It was a pleasant journey to Manly via the ferry.

On the side, throughout my stay in Sydney, yours truly had more fancy taking photos of the landscapes than of people. RL helped make up for my lack of interest in taking photos of people by taking photos of the two of us using her camera. As such, for anyone who are on my Facebook account, there are likely to be more photos of me on RL's Facebook account than mine.

Anyway, after enjoying cooling sea breezes on the ferry, we eventually reached the Manly Wharf. We walked about Manly towards the beach. RL saw that there was an outlet in Manly selling her favourite brand of ice-cream, Mövenpick Ice Cream. What a lovely discovery.

RL and I had the good luck to come across very kind and helpful people. While we were in Manly, there was a stranger who came up to us and offered to help us take photos of the two of us. A friendly Sydney culture, I suppose?

After a short stroll from the Manly Wharf, we caught sight of the beach. Enjoy!

Yours truly took delight in capturing a number of peculiar subject matters on her digital camera. One of these was: shadow.

Many thanks to RL for being accomodating to my dietary preferences. Strangely, yours truly simply wanted to eat vegetables. Nearing lunch time, both of us embarked on a search for a suitable place for lunch. After walking about for quite a while, we finally decided on the place for lunch.

Lunch was a pleasant affair. RL treated me to a lovely eggplant pesto ciabatta. Yummy. We spent lunch catching up and even talked about one of my favourite topics, i.e. the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Many thanks to RL for allowing me to have a chance to share my knowledge of MBTI. I am an accredited administrator of MBTI® and yet I did not have much chance to practise the use of my knowledge as often as I would like to during the past few years. As such, it was simply a satisfying experience to be able to tap on my knowledge of MBTI. Thanks RL for giving me the opportunity to do so. Many thanks to her for the lunch treat.

After a pleasant lunch, we eventually decided to head back to Circular Quay, Sydney. I could not help but take photos with a slanted angle while waiting for the ferry near the wharf.

If looking at the world with a different perspective could help one learn to be more accepting towards the differences between people, then may my photo below be a way to encourage people to see the world from a different perspective. Do you see that there's beauty even when something is framed differently from how you normally would?

I'm glad that RL brought me to Manly. If left on my own, I might not have visited it since I don't have a keen interest for the beach. Yet, I am glad that I went there. The ferry ride was beautiful, so was the sunny Manly beaches and RL's company.


mistipurple said...

ah. what a refreshing trip. and the vegetarian meal must have satisfied you. :)

oceanskies79 said...

Yes Misti, it was a satisfying meal, and of course, I have had a refreshing trip. :)

eastcoastlife said...

Wow, what a lovely trip to Manly! RL sounds like a terrific friend to have. :)

I love the harbour views. Such beautiful sights in Australia. I have to go soon.

oceanskies79 said...

eastcoastlife: Yes, The harbour view is beautiful, and RL is a lovely friend.

By the way, you may wish to know that there is a Sydney Harbour Bridge climb that allows you to climb up the Sydney Harbour Bridge, one of the most beautiful bridges in Sydney.

It would cost between AUS$179 - 295 depending on the package. I would have considered the climb once I have overcome my psychological fear of being placed on unenclosed high grounds.