Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sydney 2010

My visit to Sydney in Nov 2010 has left me beautiful memories and meaningful lessons. It was a visit that reminded me of the value of gratitude, courage, patience and kindness. There have been very kind and helpful souls who looked out for me, lent their company and support, provided me with the needed guidance and simply brighten my day with their genuine smiles.

There were times when I was lost, and I was found. More importantly, I am thankful that I have had a safe visit to Sydney.

I had visited some very beautiful places in Sydney, and the most memorable ones would be Watsons Bay, Milsons Point, and the Rocks. My visit to Port Stephens also helped me get closer to dolphins and whales. I had the privilege to also treat myself to an inspiring concert by the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.

I am very grateful for these treasured experiences and for my friends who have played host to me when I was in Sydney.

Here is to share these precious memories with you with the following compilation of the links to all my related posts on my visit to Sydney, in the year 2010. May you marvel at how life unfolds, like a miracle.

Adventures in Sydney
13 Nov 2010: Arriving in Sydney
14 Nov 2010: A church service and an interesting lunch pack
14 Nov 2010: Bondi and Sculpture by the Sea
14 Nov 2010: Beautiful Watsons Bay
14 Nov 2010: Dinner in the city
15 Nov 2010: From Sydney to Port Stephens
15 Nov 2010: Nelsons Bay and the whale-watching cruise
Delightful breakfast, everyday!
16 Nov 2010: The spontaneous tourist
16 Nov 2010: Once again, the beautiful Watsons Bay
16 Nov 2010: After Watsons Bay
16 Nov 2010: The trees with purple flowers and the Harbour Bridge cross
16 Nov 2010: The peaceful Milsons Point
17 Nov 2010: Mammals in the Australian Reptile Park?
17 Nov 2010: I'm back in Port Stephens
17 Nov 2010: The Four Wheel Drive Tours
17 Nov 2010: The Evening at Darling Harbour
18 Nov 2010: The refreshing Blue Mountains
18 Nov 2010: Going wild at Featherdale Wildlife Park
18 Nov 2010: Cruise along the Parramatta River
18 Nov 2010: The best meal in Sydney
19 Nov 2010: Finding my way to Playfair Street
19 Nov 2010: The Rocks Walking Tour
19 Nov 2010: The afternoon get-away, and back to Watsons Bay
19 Nov 2010: The Sydney Opera House Essential Tour once more
19 Nov 2010: Back to Milsons Point and the evening stroll
19 Nov 2010: The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra's concert
20 Nov 2010: My friend's kindness to accomodate
20 Nov 2010: Utzon, Sydney Architecture Walks
20 Nov 2010: The Museum of Sydney
20 Nov 2010: The afternoon of choices made and a missed ferry
20 Nov 2010: The evening at Observatory Park
20 Nov 2010: Milsons Point and the ferry rides at night
21 Nov 2010: The Monorail and the Light Rail
21 Nov 2010: Sydney Fish Market adventures
21 Nov 2010: Darling Harbour and the rest of the day
The mystery of the name of the trees with purple flowers
Sketching and marvelling at Nature's gifts


kyh said...

am amazed that u can churn out so many entries for a single trip! can see that u really enjoy sydney! :D

oceanskies79 said...

kyh: Yes, I did. thank you.