Wednesday, August 23, 2006

All mixed up

Is there a time when you feel tired, but you don't wish to sleep. It is as if sleep does not lend one the required peace of mind. It feels as if something is missing, and sleep does not help to fill that empty void.

While trying to fill that void, I browsed for photographs taken about a year ago. It is now 00:27 in Singapore. But if I am right, it should be about 13:27 in London. I am imagining myself being stuck in this problem of time differences between two different worlds. A year apart.

The Millennium Bridge and the St Paul's Cathedral.

I particularly like this part of London.

Would I get a restful sleep tonight?


Simple American said...

Hope you are sleeping well PY.

Somdays I wish I could jump off the ground and hang suspended in the air while the earth moves beneath my feet. I only have to hang there for 13 hours and then Singapore would arrive and I could set me feet back on the ground. Gravity defeats me.

car@ said...

I hope you do dear Py. And thank you so much for your best wishes! i wish the same for you.


mistipurple said...

hope u managed to get some rest. have a good day today!

pinkie said...

me me! I still do that whenever I dun hv to wake up early in the morning the next day... simply refuse to sleep even though I'm tired.

But if you are referring to the void, I think you have to tell yourself that even if you dun sleep, the void will not be filled.