Thursday, August 17, 2006

Sectional hours ago

Double bass sectionals are always something to be looked forward to. Some hours ago, I was having double bass sectionals.

It was not intended that we had to have double bass sectional today (16 Aug 06) in the instrument store, but thank goodness that everyone in the section (including our tutor) were cooperative and patient enough to lend their understanding on the matter. Hopefully, we would have a proper venue in the future.

We practised Beethoven's Sixth Symphony today. I would be nice if we could play the entire symphony, but I heard that the orchestra may only play certain movements. Perhaps, I can't even be definite if we would be playing this symphony.

The section that is marked Gewitter, Sturm has some especially challenging parts. We spent simply close to an hour practising that particular section of about 150 bars!

We also went through the first movement of the first symphony today. It looks like we have done quite a bit today even though we aren't able to rehearse the entire symphony. Between quality and quantity, I would prefer the former. Today's double bass sectional has been productive, and I am glad to have attended it.

Things to follow up on after today's sectional: Practise and memorise that "storm" section.


Simple American said...

I read your post and wondered if you have ever considered making a podcast of your playing. That might be nice to hear. :)

Pat said...

I agree on the podcast idea. Also I performed Beethoven's Symphony No.6 last season and it's a tough one, The 4th movement "Storm" was extremely difficult. Keep up the work on it!

oceanskies79 said...

What would I need in order to make a podcast?

Simple American said...

Just a microphone, a recording device/computer and software.

oceanskies79 said...

Dear SA: Thanks for your reply.

Oh dear, what software would I need?
And I don't have a microphone and a recording device.

I have a double bass play on.

Simple American said...

I guess that should be good enough for now.