Wednesday, August 09, 2006

National Day

Today is Singapore's National Day.

In the photo taken above, you can see the red and white colour that are present on the Singapore's national flag. While I was sitting down at the Library@Esplanade, I was quite fascinated by the way this flag-like object waved with the breeze. I later took several photos of it from various angles.

For the dear readers who are not familiar with Singapore's history, this link ( provides a brief outline on Singapore becoming an independent nation on 9 August 1965.

One of the ways that National Day is celebrated is with a National Day Parade. The National Day Parade seems such a major affair of our National Day that National Day will not seem complete without a National Day Parade. You can find a nutshell of the history of the National Day Parade here:

This year will be the last year that the National Day Parade will be held in the National Stadium. If you are interested, you can catch the live webcast of this event here:
(Note: The live webcast of National Day Parade 2006 will begin at 1800hrs (GMT +8) Singapore time on 9 Aug 2006.) If you have missed the live webcast, check out the photo gallery:

One year ago, on the 9 Aug, I was singing our National Anthem, in the town of Tarves, Scotland. I miss Scotland.


Simple American said...

Singaporean patriotism really impresses me. Happy National
Day to you PY.

goldilocks said...

Happy National Day, PY.