Sunday, August 13, 2006

Exercising the mind

It has been dreadful to be ill. I have been sleeping for more than 12 hours yesterday. While this is good for recovery, it has somehow made the mind feel a little unproductive.

I had intended to approach a Luthier today, but decided to do it on another day as I was quite weak today to travel and carry a double bass over long distances.

In the evening, when reading felt boring, I attempted to do some sight-reading on the double bass. This is one way to work out the mind, and a bit of the body. The practice this evening is not too intense. I was merely doing sight-reading.

I first started with playing C major scales.

That was followed by sight-reading of the following:
Franz Keyper's Romance and Rondo
Capuzzi's Concerto in D
Telemann's Sonata in a minor

I noticed a bit of improvement in my ability to sight-read. However, I struggled with certain sections, especially those in treble clef, and uncommon rhythms. Anyway, I quite like the three works.

Whatever it is, the practice this evening reminds me that the double bass is my good friend. Good for the body, and the mind.


mistipurple said...

good that you can find solace in your double bass. he is huggable too! :)

T.K. Chapman said...

Hi PY! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Marc said...

Good to hibernate once in awhile. I try to get one every now and then too. My longest was about 16 hours. Snigger

Jason Heath said...

That's some pretty serious sightreadng!

oceanskies79 said...

Misti: He certainly is huggable.

Tonia: Welcome, and thanks for stopping by mine too.

M: :) Hibernating can be functional indeed.

Jason: was quite challenging. There were meant for DipABRSM syllabus. I was not quite musical when I sight-read those works yesterday.

Simple American said...

I'm glad you slept. I hate being ill and unable to sick. Talk about a double edged sword.

Great that hugging your double bass and practice is better than medicine.