Thursday, August 24, 2006

Small things do matter

This afternoon, I had double bass lesson with tutor, MJ. We continued to work on the basics. I think it was helpful to do so.

The work today consisted of guiding me to work towards achieving a relaxed and natural hand-and-arm-shape for the left-hand. Today, I was asked to play up to three octaves of the G major scale. It felt awfully challenging to play the notes in the third octave of the scale. I still need quite a bit of work to achieve a more natural posture when playing in that range of notes.

MJ reminded me to be mindful in maintaining a curved-shape for my fingers of my left hand. This does help to allow me to gain better control of my playing. I marvel at how small things like this (shape of my fingers) can make such a big difference to the level of ease and control I have over my playing.

I hope to practise and work towards achieving greater ease and control in my playing as much as possible. Practice time of late has been short due to work commitments, and I'll be sending my double bass (the husband) to the Luthier this weekend for repair. Anyway, it is worthwhile to go back to work on the basics.

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Simple American said...

Hope the Luthier takes good care of your Husband.

Glad you found this tutor. I know music brings you lots of joy.