Saturday, August 19, 2006

Right here waiting?

I feel as if I am waiting. Waiting for comments to come by.

It has been a fairly quiet day. The hip pain came back again. I think I am tired about seeing the doctor to get the same reply: that it is muscle strain.

A major part of the morning was spent blogging and reading blog. My readers: What do you like about this blog to make you come back? Who reads this blog? I am just curious to know, even though I may not change my style of writing to win your favour.

Secretly, I am hoping someone could just lavish me with compliments about the photographs that I have taken. Then again, it won't hurt to get some constructive criticisms that would help me improve on my skills. I decided not to invest in high-end camera for now. This money might be better spent on double bass lessons.

In the afternoon, I practised C major scales. I also practised selected parts of the "storm" section from the 4th movement of Beethoven's Sixth Symphony.

This evening, I read an online article on sight-reading. The article reminded that I should put aside 15 minutes from each of my future practices to simply sight-read. The thought about starting on this can be a little appalling. I know that I have to learn to face those feelings and just do sight-reading anyway. I shall choose a page from one of the sight-reading books for my next practice to work on. Using the metronome for sight-reading practices should come useful too.

Part of this evening was spent working on my music theory homework. I find myself cracking my mind to figure out the key of a particular section of a given work. I still have some sections of my homework uncompleted.

Anyway, this is how things have been today. Plain and simple. It gets a little boring by this time of the night.


mistipurple said...

i come back time and again because you are a nice gal and want to encourage you when you are down. you have also become a friend and i am concern about how you are everyday.

your pics are very descriptive. you take extra care to get the relevant details in your photos. i see that in every photo that you take.

oceanskies79 said...

Thank you Misti. It is great to have a friend in you. Thanks for caring. pics are descriptive? Ok, I have not realised that I was taking care to get the relevant details. Thanks for the compliments nevertheless.

pinkie said...

I check the blogs of those I care about and wanna know how they are doing... your pictures are definitely beautiful... for myself, blogging is like penning my tots in a open diary; I jot down events of my life which to me, is important cos I'm so blur and the dates in my blog will help :) and to rant and rave to get it out of my system ;) so pardon me if you are reading my blog... it can be FON - Full Of Nonsense. hehe...

oceanskies79 said...

Hi Pinkie: Thanks for the compliments. It is a honour that you check my blog then. :)

No worry. I enjoy reading your blog.

Simple American said...

I come here because you have such wonderful presentation. Your use of photography and composition of ideas are superb. I'm entertained and mentally stimulated. I like that. :)

oceanskies79 said...

SA: It is my pleasure. Thanks for the compliments.