Tuesday, August 22, 2006

This time of the night

I am feeling tired.

At the same time, the non-intoxicated me may be missing the embrace of the double bass. I wish to practise the "storm" section from the 4th movement of the Beethoven's Sixth Symphony. It is 11.30 p.m. My neighbours might appreciate a peaceful night. I am feeling tired.

It is noisy at home because of the loud volume of the TV. Am I the one having the problem to continue to perceive that this world is extremely loud for me. The sign at my cubicle has been indicating "Don't disturb" for the past month. Yet, peace seems not for long. Maybe the best present for me is a noise-reduction handphones? Not really, I just need peace and quiet, and good music. I am more productive this way.

I am missing the sound of the double bass. Jason Heath's blog provides a nice relief. I am now listening to the playing of the D Harmonic Minor scales, in third octaves! At this point in time, I can only confidently manage to play up to two octaves. Thanks Jason for providing a practical help to fellow double bassists with your recordings of double bass scales.

If you miss the sound of the double bass, please check Jason's post here to listen to scales and more scales:

Ending this post, life seems unpredictable. We just don't know when life may slip away.

At this time of the night, could someone play for me a melancholic tune on the double bass? Sometimes I wish I was living inside a bubble. I can play anytime I wish, even at this time of the night.


mistipurple said...

life. sometimes sux. some people suffer a lot. more than us.

Simple American said...

Peace PY. And a big bubble surrounding you and your double bass.

oceanskies79 said...

Misti: I am aware that some people suffer a lot. I meet a number of these in the course of my work.

SA: I would like a big bubble surely.