Thursday, August 17, 2006

Everything music

This afternoon, I took time-off from work.

I had double bass lesson with MJ in the afternoon, for an hour. In the evening, I had music theory class because today is a Thursday. Maybe it isn't wrong to label today as a day of music?

Double bass lessons have been getting interesting, especially without the pressure of having to practise so that one could pass the exams. I am liking the idea of having to work on the basics.

As I play the C major scale for almost more than half the lesson, the tutor continued to help me find what is the more natural way for me to play the double bass. It felt delightful to play the double bass with increasing ease.

The tutor also worked on techniques of doing a vibrato. It proved to be tricky initially, but was rewarding when I could get a better vibrato than I used to have. Yet, I think I still have to practise more in order to master how to do a good and well-controlled vibrato.

After all the earlier work on the basics, I played the first movement of the Marcello's Sonata in g minor. For the first time in my life, I could feel a much greater ease in playing this sonata. I did not have to actually work very hard to play this sonata, and it still sound nice, if not nicer, than I had played on my recent exams and the earlier practices. Yes, basic techniques do matter. I am happy that I am now working on it with the tutor. For the rest of the time to come, it shall be practice and more practice.

I am looking forward to future lessons.

After double bass lesson, I headed for Toa Payoh Central. I spent some time there. At about 4.40 p.m., I happened to chance across the HDB (Housing Development Board) Gallery and I went it. It was a gallery consisting of various exhibits that outlines the history and development of public housing in Singapore.

But at 5.15 p.m., when I was done with the viewing of the exhibits, I found myself locked all alone in the gallery! I tried opening the main door but it was locked. I walked up the stairway and was directed to a back entrance, but it was locked too.

The only good thing is that the back entrance allowed me to get hold of the attention of a passerby. I asked the passerby and her companion for help to get the security. It was so kind of her to do so. After a few minutes, the security came and directed me to head for the main door. I waited for yet another few minutes before the door was finally opened. Thank goodness.

For this evening, I did not have dinner at my usual favourite place. I was meeting a friend, H, for dinner. It was nice to catch up with H this evening. It was good to know that she is doing fine. I thank her for the tips that she has given me during our conversation.

In the later part of the evening, I had music theory class.

The music theory tutor explained to me on how I could recognise syncopated rhythms. He also clarified on the definition of a few musical terms. He also showed me how I could look for clues to determine the key of a particular section of a piece of music. He spoke about how the knowledge of harmony could help us understand the flow of a piece of music. I think the knowledge in these areas would come helpful when I play and interpret a piece of musical work. I am glad that I took up theory lessons.

Now, I am feeling that my body is aching from a day of walking about, and carrying loads of music books and scores, and the double bass bow in bow-case throughout the entire afternoon.

My right hip is hurting, again. I wonder why.

Anyway, I like today. It was well-spent. Perhaps like the words on the poster that I had saw this afternoon: "Music is a gift from heaven" and it brings some joy to one's life.


Simple American said...

How frightening to be locked up. I would go nuts. Just a little claustophobic. How can they not check for visitors before locking the doors. Very inconsiderate.

Glad you are getting joy from your music. Has to be great to feel improvements in your ability.

Hope the pain goes away.

mistipurple said...

rest a little more. give your body a little more time to recover. i was locked out before. it was both funny and frightening. long story short, i got out through a window at a hotel. lol!

a note: do not take side staircase of buildings without checking door lock first. they open only on one side sometimes.

dreaming-neko said...

music is emotion!

oceanskies79 said...

SA: The lessons that I have learnt from being locked up yesterday are: 1) Always check the opening hours before entering a museum. 2) Don't assume someone will be around to chase one out when it is closing time.

Yes, it is a simple joy to feel the improvements.

Misti: Oh. I think I might be terrified too if I were to be locked up like that.

Dreaming Neko: Yes. Music is more than emotions.

Waterfall said...

Sounds like a busy but good day (except for the part about being locked in!). I really enjoy reading about your progress on the double bass--keep it up!

oceanskies79 said...

Thanks Waterfall.