Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Distinguished email from the artist

Today, I have received a special email. An email from Mr John Cheung, the artist who has created the sculpture The Descent of Man mentioned in my post titled Pause to see. I did not know how he has managed to chance upon my blog, but I suppose technology has the power to bring people together?

The Descent of Man
The Descent of Man. By John Cheung

I felt the sculpture has clearly protrayed a sense of agony and remorse. In addition, what struck me was the words printed on the plaque next to the sculpture. I could not remember the exact words, but it was very nice that Mr John Cheung has quoted the words and shared it with me in his email. Please take a moment to read the statement:

Since the new Millennium, we keep hearing news of unending carnages and man-made catastrophes all over the world. This artwork expresses the feeling of agony that humanity is on a sinking descent, even dragging down the animal species from which the human species descents. We all have to play our part to do something about this. This cannot be Man’s fate.

As I reflect upon these words, I could not help but think of wars, acts of terrorism and man-made destructions of the environment.

The statement has made me ponder for a while...

Mr John Cheung also pointed out in his email:

"The Descent of Man" is originally the title of biologist Charles Darwin's book about evolution, and how the human species are descent from a variety of animal species. In my artwork, I use the other meaning of 'descent', which is a downward movement.

Question of the day: What response did you have when you saw this sculpture?


Simple American said...

I could have sworn that I commented on this post earlier.

But I feel that this man is full pain and shame. Thought has stolen his joy. While simple monkeys are care free and oblivious to his angst.

mistipurple said...

Mr John Cheung says it all. But what is man to do? too much greed in this world. contaminated, even by world leaders. they can set things right. but will they?
the world can share. there is enough to go around. war and hunger is meaningless.

mistipurple said...

perhaps man can start by a little step. can we start?
a big question, three little word.

oceanskies79 said...

SA: You have given your response to this artwork before, but that was on another post.

Misti: We can hope that there's more goodwill from man to go around....

Your questions are good enough to start a whole series of discussion, but I don't think it may happen here, since I have never received more than 20 relevant responses for any of my post yet.