Saturday, August 05, 2006

The library's a good place to be in

For the past week, I have found myself needing more quiet time. Taking a breather from the world's noises seem vital for me to recharge.

Today is a relatively hot day. I decided that I shall spend some time reading, and the library ended up to be the prime choice for the day. For the benefit of all users, libraries have been known to have the rule of "Please keep quiet". Although occasionally, one may still find mobile phones ringing at a loud volume and people speaking, the library has proven to be a relatively quiet place to be in this afternoon.

There are a large selection of books at the library. My hand somehow dictated me to pick up the book titled Natural-born intuition: How to Awaken and Develop Your Inner Wisdom by Lauren Thibodeau. I spent close to two hours in the library reading half the book. I am thankful that I had managed to find myself a comfortable seat in the library. It was relatively crowded today.

It was a relatively pleasant experience to read in the library. My home does not seem to be a most conducive place to read in the afternoon if the weather was hot. Furthermore, the television set at home just seem to be always too loud for me, and I must admit that at times I have given up trying to fight the battle of lowering the volume. Somehow, someone else would think that they can't hear what was being broadcast on the television, and soon, I would find the television set's volume loud again.

But this evening, surprisingly I had turned the volume to level "12" and it has remained unchanged so far. I love the peaceful moments. Nevertheless, the library is definitely much more conducive place to read when one lives in a tropical country, with its air-conditioned facilities, good lightings and comfortable seats. Not to forget, one gets access to a lot more books at the library.

After today's positive experience, I shall make time to visit the library to read at least once a fornight. It is a good place both for the mind and for my peace-seeking ears.

On the side note, I must thank the National Library Board for making our libraries such a conducive place for learning. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you have found our libraries a conducive place for your use. I guess that's what make those who work in the library happy.

BTW, I came via my colleague's blog, The Rambling Librarian.

oceanskies79 said...

Hi Isaak. Thanks for the work of yourself and your colleague to make the library a conducive place.

Anonymous said...

Hi PY, you're welcome. We hope to see you more in our libraries. :)