Thursday, August 03, 2006

Treats for the taste-buds in Toa Payoh

I usually do not go to Toa Payoh, except when I have music theory lessons on Thursday evenings.

My favourite place for dinner at Toa Payoh would be the Koh San Japanese Food located at Toa Payoh HDB Centre's Koufu food court.

There are indeed other Japanese food-outlets in Toa Payoh, but I like this one especially for its fairly good and reasonably priced sashimi set. It is at $7.90 per set. The sashimi is fresh, and leaves a nice after-taste. The presentation of the sashimi is also good. I especially likes the way the boss, D*****, (at the sushi/sashimi counter) prepares the sashimi. She puts in a lot of care and thought, and takes pride in preparing the sashimi. It is the sincerity that goes into the food that counts, doesn't it? Service there is also good for a food-court standard.

In addition, today, I have chanced upon a shop selling freshly made preservative-free colourful chocolates at Toa Payoh Central. The shop's name's Jaime's Chocolates. I must confess that I prefer dark chocolates, and dark chocolates became the natural choice when I bought two pieces of the chocolates at Jaime's Chocolates to sample.

For its price, I think it is much worth it to treat oneself to a heart-warming piece of chocolate from Jaime's Chocolates to one from Godiva. The dark chocolates taste nice. It is made with care and thought too. More importantly, I prefer its dark chocolates varieties to those offered at Godiva. Furthermore, the chocolates at Jaime's Chocolates are much cheaper. The dark chocolates melt in one's mouth and have a nice texture.

Here's the location of Jaime's Chocolates
450 Toa Payoh Lorong 6
#02-07 Toa Payoh Entertainment Centre Singapore 319394

Next time when you are at Toa Payoh Central, you might want to check out these two places if you have similar tastes like mine.


pinkie said...

thanks for your recommendation... now I know what to eat when I visit my ex-colleagues at TP. Never did try the japanese stall before.

oceanskies79 said...

Pinkie: Since you are a chocolate lover like myself, I think you might like Jaime's chocolates. It also sells milk chocolate. I can't remember if there were white chocolate though.

For a price lower than Godiva's chocolates, Jaime's chocolates taste nice in its own way.

oceanskies79 said...

By the way, Pinkie, Koh San Japanese Food serves nice sashimi set for its price. I have yet to find any other place in Singapore that sells such nice tasting sashimi at that price. The sashimi set of $7.90 includes 8 pc sashimi (and in one plate, one gets at least three varieties of sashimi) , a bowl of rice, Chawamushi, a serving of salad and a bowl of miso soup.